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The Transformation

This is the story, published in Catalist Magazine (April/May 1997), of the whole traumatic year when my spiritual awareness first began to open. My hope is that it will reassure others experiencing unusual energetic phenomena, possibly avoiding the terror I myself had felt, as I found my skeptical self floundering in a previously unbelievable whole new world. ...
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Continuing Sagas of Transformation

The only constant in life is change, and my awakening process continued at a relatively rapid rate. By this time the cracks in my reality had gotten big enough for me to literally fall through, into the truth of what is. ...
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The Not-Dream

It's not helpful to hear we're already enlightened, if we can't find our way to have an experience of it. In the deep place between sleep and awake, I was shown how to get where we've always wanted to go, and how we've been missing the mark. ...
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Spiritual Times in Pain

As my perception sharpened, I began to see the energetic underpinnings and pathways of pain and discovered a way of being that dissolved its power. ...
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India – Private Session with AMMA

My private session with Amma was the single greatest moment of the whole month in India for me at Golden City's 21-Day Process. ...
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