One full day private intensive with Cari

Give yourself a special treat!

Integrate what you know in your mind into real life.

I now offer an eight hour one day private intensive. You may apply to come to my heavenly country home for a full day (11am-7pm Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday) in Marin County, California, one hour north of San Francisco with redwoods, flower gardens and sunny hills.
The advantage of this day is taking conscious living out of an artificial office session setting and incorporating it into your actual life, so your body re-learns how to do it naturally in the course of simply living.

The day will include two formal sessions, a working-walk through the countryside (if you’d like), a healthy organic lunch and snacks. There may be many short impromptu readings and sessions as well. We will work while just hanging out. One of Cari’s gifts is seeing hidden issues underlying the simplest conversations. Releasing them can make a huge difference in your daily life.

One Full Day Private Intensive with Cari - $797

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