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Since 1996, I have been working with small groups and in private sessions to help people make the changes they are wanting to make in their lives, but had been unable to make on their own. For some time I also had an internet radio show.

Throughout these years of spiritual counseling work, people were telling me that they received many benefits, whether in private sessions, groups, or simply in my audience, including:

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  • Life guidance and personal growth
  • More joyful current relationships
  • Finding meaning and self-esteem in everyday life
  • Clarifying purpose, career and passions
  • Transforming behavior patterns
  • Learning stress management tools
  • Regaining personal power
  • Truer, easier personal connections
  • Regenerating vitality
  • Increasing creativity

As a child, our family dinners were spent engaged with stories my father brought home from his manufacturing business, stories of the successes and frustrations of dealing with his department managers, employees, labor unions and customers. With business then in my blood, after a few uninteresting job experiences, I became the manager of a failing health food, Mexican import and local crafts store in the early 70’s. After a year, the owner made me a partner, because of my success in turning the business to profitability.

By 1994, I was raising 3 children, while working with my husband in the administration of his business. Quite suddenly, I began to receive intuitive information about everyone around me.

Struggling to make sense of what was happening to me, I spent years in eclectic studies. Much to my surprise and gratitude, I found myself gaining a deep understanding that brought more love, joy, abundance, coherence and vitality into my life. Anxiety and uncertainty fell away.

Simply put, my life became the life I’d always wanted. In fact, I’d become who I’d always wanted to be. When I realized that I had always been that person, but that I’d been hidden from me, I knew I could help others find their hidden true self too.

This spiritual opening brought me the vision and ability to help others in the same way! I am able to do this through skillfully seeing invisible spiritual life principles working behind the scenes, and helping people unravel them to effect change.

From these experiences, I developed the ability to help others move to the next level in their lives, finding happiness and satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

I publish a blog,  “The Inner Light Gazette, Quiet Moments for Busy People” and am the author of “Thrilled to Be Alive! 3 Steps to Living the Life You Were Born to Live,” a free thank you gift when you subscribe to the gazette.

In the year 2000 I made an audio recording entitled, “Breaking the Myths of Reality”, subsequently speaking at new thought conventions, various IONS Local Chapters and ceremonial events.

An event with Cari is an event to be remembered. Because I am dealing with the principles underlying all issues in life, I can tailor my presentation to fit your topic.

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