Transformational Life Coaching
Spiritual Guidance
and Sound Healing

  • Realign the energies responsible for your life journey.
  • Start showing up for yourself.
  • Release your issues.
  • Change your life.

Make your life work now!

I will be able to take you to the subconscious issues and patterns that are running your life. It will become clear to you why it looks the way it does. We begin right away to realign and unstick the tangled energies to shift your life.

A first session is 1.5 hrs long. The second session, also 1.5 hrs, will be 2 weeks later. You may purchase just the first intro session but I strongly recommend following it up with the second intro session. A second session anchors the gains you’ll be making, sets you up for continuing progress and gives you a better idea of the benefits you can look forward to.

FREE 15 min. Consultation: Would you like to talk about what your session would be like? Please do call if you are considering working with me. I look forward to sharing the gift of this work with you and watching your life come alive. To contact Cari just click theĀ  green button in the column on the right.

To sign up right now, please use the payment buttons below. First or Second Session 1 1/2 hr. $177

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10 Session Package

If you have completed two intro sessions and wish to continue working with Cari, you may purchase the 10 Session Package. How old are you now? That’s how many years you’ve spent adopting your parents’ and siblings’ patterns, making them part of yourself until you began to actually believe they are “you.” Let’s unravel your conditioning and tap into the freedom you had as a young child. Get to know your Self at a deeper, wiser level, strengthening your spiritual connection as we go.

One payment in full $1497
10 Session Pkg Subscription
10 payments of $157 = $1570.00

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