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Bring real change to all aspects of your life, simply by becoming who you’ve always been anyway!

  • Increase the joy in your everyday life
  • Clarify your purpose, career and passions
  • Transform your behavior patterns
  • Defuse the stress in your life
  • Get back your personal power
  • Deepen current relationships
  • Regenerate your vitality

Some clients have found their dreams and started their own businesses. Some have found a committed relationship that works. So many wonderful things have come about for my clients. They say it so much better than I can:

In 1994, I was raising 3 children, while working with my husband in the administration of his business. Quite suddenly, I began to receive intuitive information about everyone around me. Struggling to make sense of what was happening to me, I spent years in eclectic studies. Much to my surprise and gratitude, I found myself gaining a deep understanding that brought more love, joy, abundance, coherence and vitality into my life. Anxiety and uncertainty fell away. Simply put, my life became the life I'd always wanted.

In fact, I'd become who I'd always wanted to be. When I realized that I had always been that person, but that I'd been hidden from me, I knew I could help others find their hidden true self too. This spiritual opening brought me the vision and ability to help others in the same way! I am able to do this through skillfully seeing basic life principles working behind the scenes, and helping you take advantage of them through counseling, guided visualizations, and distinct techniques using sound and energy to effect change.



"I decided to work with Cari over a year ago because I felt a bit stuck. I needed something but didn't know exactly what it was. Simply said she propelled my life forward. My life has been changed forever.

Cari's abilities are a remarkable combination. Not only is she clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient (hearing, seeing & feeling) the Higher guiding her but she is able to clear away the old and anchor in the new Higher energies. This is so powerful!

I left the session feeling clearer, brighter and stronger, essentially more my true Self. My job performance improved. I ended a friendship that was not serving me. I gained confidence. I bought a new car. I had pain cleared away. To name a few ....

Cari's sessions are like a reset button , but what is so great is that you're reset to a higher place. Gone are the old stuck patterns. Right away I felt like I was moving forward, freed from what was holding me back.

She works with such ease and grace. It's a joy to be in her presence. Each session has been a surprise and a delight. I am a client for life.”

L.W. Santa Rosa, CA

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